Classifieds Pricing

Single Listing Pricing Plans
Basic 7-Day Listing $15.00
Online for seven days. Text only. Up to 30 words. Please include your phone number or email  in text box. YARD AND ESTATE SALES, ARTICLES FOR SALE, GENERAL ADS. Call us if you need help with placing your ad at 774-563-0303.
7-Day Listing with Photo/Logo $20.00
Classified is featured on the classified home page and includes one photo and link to your website. Up to 50 words. Include contact info, phone, email and website in the text. ADS WITH LOGOS OR PHOTOS AND WEBSITES - Help Wanted, Articles for Sale, Professional Services Offered.  Place the ad yourself online or contact us to place it for you.
Lost & Found Items/Missing or Found Pets $0.00
As a service to our Island Community, MARTHA'S PAGES, if offer FREE ads for Lost and Found items or missing and found pets if placed yourself via our site. 
Please add your phone number or email in the text to be reached. Includes one photo. 
Please take it down via your free account when the item or pet is found or returned. 
Martha's Pages reserves the right to edit or delete the posting for content or abuse of the guidelines. 
Thank you! 
Featured Real Estate $350.00
Includes up to 50 ads, featured listings, URL of your website with live feed, Video of properties and island, and up to 10 Photos per Listing. Showcase all your inventory with many features for one low monthly price. Change or update as needed via your account. Excellent service for on-going ads. Place Pending Sale on your listings. Houses for sale, Open Houses, Vacation Rentals. A free Business Directory Listing of your company (Value of $1200 yearly) included in monthly fee. Contact us to get your started.
Banner and displays ads are also available.  See price list or email
Banner Display Ad $125.00
Get noticed without costing an arm and a leg. Only $125 per week for your banner ad on top of the home page or other category pages. First-come, first-served. Update weekly available. Includes a live link to your website.

Display Ads - Square $75.00
Get noticed without costing an arm and a leg. Square display ads available on Home page or other categories. First-come, first-served. Space is limited. Includes a live link to your website. Easy to update or change weekly.
This is a free service from Martha's Pages for the community of Martha's Vineyard. All items must be listed as FREE and be clean and in good working order. Includes ONE PHOTO of the item and runs for seven days once approved. We strongly suggest donating your items to our wonderful Thrift Stores. Please take your ad down once item is gone via your free account. NO ANIMALS OR FOOD, PLEASE.  Please add your phone or email in the text of your ad.
YARD SALES - If you are having a Yard Sale - please see our very affordable ad for only $15 which includes a map to your sale. 
If you have items FOR SALE please see our Articles For Sale category for a paid ad. 
Note- ads that do not comply with the FREE parameters will not be approved or taken down.  
Thank you 
Category Based Pricing Plans
Autos for Sale $30.00
Sell your CAR, VAN RV, OR MOTORCYCLE for a great rate. Includes five photos and up to 30 words. Include your contact info in the text. Rate for four weeks of advertising. Please add: make, model, year, mileage, color, condition, price, special info and contact info. 
Vehicles needs to be on-island.  
Boat For Sale $30.00
Sell boat for a great rate. Includes two photos and up to 30 words. Include your contact info in the text. Rate for four weeks of advertising. Please add: make, model, year, color, condition, price, special info and contact info.

All Real Estate $35.00
Up to 50 words and 5 photos for one week at a time. Includes live link to your website. 
Great for OPEN HOUSES or new to the market ads. Renewable weekly or check out the monthly featured plan and save. 
Personal Ads/Meet Up Groups $25.00
Find friends, group meetups, companionship or even love.  Be clear and honest with your words and kind in your deeds. Create a new non-descript email for privacy. Meet in a public place. Let us know of your success. The price is for one whole month. You can change or update your ad online via your free account. Martha's Pages is not intermediary with your communicatons. Be smart, kind and have fun!